Cheap Hotels near Buckingham Palace

cheap hotels near buckingham palace

Buckingham Palace holds great significance in London as it is the official residence of the British Monarch. Located in the heart of the city, the palace is much appreciated for its grandeur and beautiful garden.

Staying in a hotel near Buckingham Palace will allow travellers to visit the most popular attraction of the UK in a short time. The Airways Hotel is just a few minutes’ walk from the palace, thus, giving you the comfort of reaching the beautiful building without travelling in the Tube, bus, or taxi.

A family run, London budget hotel, Airways:

  • Has world renowned Hypnos bed in every room
  • Serves complimentary continental breakfast to guests
  • Has telephone, hairdryer, and TV fitted in every room
  • Provides hospitality tray with tea & coffee

When you are looking for cheap hotels near Buckingham Palace, The Airways Hotel is the most recommended name. The cheap bed and breakfast, Central London hotel offers a comfortable stay to its guests.

A mid-Victorian establishment, The Airway Hotel is located in a well conserved residential area of London.

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